Hot Air Balloon Luxor, Egypt - Hot Air Balloon Luxor

March 11, 2021

Hot Air balloon Trip in Luxor 2021                        

A surprising sense will be impressed and you are flying over height increases on the thousands of foot in the sky wh the sunshine is touched by the sunrise time, and you are watching the Pharaonic temples found on the two banks for thousands of years. It is the feeling that you will be if you have a balloonThe Luxor City is a global tourist destination for lovers and lovers of flying flights. What distinguishes the rest of the countries is that balloon flights are not dependent on the year, which is listed daily on the city's tourism agenda. "These tourism flights have been started since 1980 and is under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation, which oversees the training of pilots who are accompanying tourists instead of Egyptian airports."Balloon flights depend on meteorological results, followed by balloon companies, which collect reports from the Meteorological Commission. And arrives daily flights for Sixteen flying balloon flying in the sky city with sunrise every day, carrying on board 320 tourists

Flight preparation flight duration

The journey inside the balloon takes about 45 minutes, while it takes full flight time since the moment of the shot of the hotel, and even access to the four hours, and should be aware that you will continue to stand throughout the lights of the balloon in the air. On a slippery or sand. Do not deal with coffee or tea so you do not have to enter a frequent need to be hindered. Be sure to bring a metal water bottle, and do not get you a big bag but a light backpack and the court of closure, and must make sure your camera does not need to ship, so do not miss the photos and record the video flight, prefer to bring «Sylvie Steak» Pharaohs temples. Do not forget to bring the solar glasses because they will be good companion after sunrise. This trip is not suitable for young or even children from 6 to 15 years because they will quickly simplify from the trip and may not be controlled, which affects your enjoyment. You do not prefer to take older people above 55 years because the trip requires fitness when landing.

The start of the joutney

The journey starts from your stay where your tour guide comes from the hotel by a small tourist bus or a small boat if you are in a floating hotel or in the eastern hotel, which is moving to the western city of the city. From 4:00 am, so you can catch up with sunrise time, and all the plane balloons fall on the ground at seven am.There are a number of companies that regulate the runners that you can arrange by a trip directly. They are subject to strict security systems, and the first stages of the journey of shielding flew are looking for an appropriate launch site, and then fill the balloon cover with a large fan For air cooling within the internal cover of the aircraft, so that the aircust is available to independently, and then ignite a burning gas burner at the bottom of the air. .With the ignition of the fire, your heart will be accelerated for those exciting adventure, having climbed to the basket across a small wooden ladder, stayed in the voice of fire that works on heating the balloon air, alpallon is subject to European safety standards.
With the gradual height of the balloon will feel lightly your body and fun fly as a vacuum in the skies of Luxor, and if you are the owners of weak hearts, try not to look down directly, but proud of your look and usually get worn after minutes, and you can chew the gum to relieve tension. The balloon is gradually flying to a height of 500 meters (1500 feet) almost, and here is complete fun

Trip types and costs

Before you book your trip, you have to know that there are types of flying balloon flights vary by purpose. For example, for privacy lovers or for those who wish to celebrate marriage holidays or family events, a cost of about $ 70 per capita can be booked, and that flight from 6 people until 12 people. It includes a small ceremony when landing organized by the organized company for the trip to surprise your partner. There are widespread flights for about 16 people. The large collective flights can ride the 20-member flight, which cost about $ 1,700, and 22,200 molars

Landing moments

The excitement does not cease throughout the trip and culminates in the moments of landing and returning to the ground, those moments when the balloon commander alerts you to the necessity to cling to the closest rope to you, and sit inside the basket until the landing is done peacefully as the flames that help to heat the air inside the balloon will be extinguished so that the air gradually gets heavier and the balloon descends on the earth. And upon completion of your flight, the landing system in that flying balloon relies on an airbag that is opened and withdrawn during flight, which enables it to land anywhere.As soon as the basket touches the surface of the ground, the passengers congratulate each other, so the balloon workers come to collect it, and if you want to share it, they welcome it completely, and it is an enjoyable experience, usually followed by a celebration and eating breakfast, juices and drinks. Then you can go to the leader of the balloon, where you will get a certificate that you have taken the flying balloon flight, and congratulations for you because at that time you will be of brave hearts who love exciting adventures

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Aswan in the eyes of the world-Aswan Egypt

March 10, 2021


Aswan in the eyes of the world-Aswan Egypt

The History of Aswan

Aswan was known as "Sono" in ancient times. Egyptian era and the meaning of the market where it was a commercial center for Caravans coming to and from Nubia, pharaohs used to ship pink and black granite and limestone stones all of Aswan to build pyramids as Queen Hatshepsut Is to build its temple and the salint. The importance of this city is beginning to emerge. Even since the ancient kingdom when the Pharaohs wanted to ensure the safety of the southern border of the kingdom, was also a military post and A special rule was played during the war against heksus. During Roman times, ancient Egyptian fashion temple design was built while roman was very Impressed by Egyptian mythology and gods, emperor built a small trajan temple in order to approach the Egyptian people on the island of Philae where Isis temple is the main temple in the collection of elephant temples in Aswan, Elephants derived their name from the Greek word Philo, meaning love or love, in A reference to the temple dedicated to commemorating the love of the faithful wife. From her husband who was betrayed by his brother's group, the evil god.Then, in early Christianity period, and Christianity spread throughout the country in the fifth century, and The temples were converted into churches, and then came Islamic innovation and Aswan. It has become a very important education center and three schools have been established in 6th and 7th centuries.Get to know Aswan

Aswan is the nubian city in southern Egypt located on the eastern bank of the
Yel Associated With Cairo with train and rail stations and local flights, it's practically about 900,000 people, the city of Aswan is about 85 meters above the ocean level, it is 879 km from Cairo, and its area is about 34,608 km2. Aswan is spread on the banks of the Nile, a loose and well-finished city that gives a quiet break in case you have recently emerged from Luxor or Cairo's busiest. When the door of ancient Egypt to Africa is an ideal base for investigating sanctuaries, landmarks and other holiday destinations in the southern compasses of Upper Egypt and the particularly exceptional Nubian culture in the region. A large number of these journeys should be possible on the roads of Aswan. The most ideal approach to finding the magic of Aswan is to jump aboard felucca (a traditional boat) and view the city from the waterway that once made Aswan a great general store. The stream is dotted here with islands carrying beautiful Nubian cities with a mud mass sewn by the epic sands of the West Bank. Everything is unusually photogenic, especially at dusk, when many feluccas lateen cruise take to water, and a gleam ing stream in the sun setting. The city is otherwise called a place that is known for its gold because it resembles a huge cemetery for pharaohs and their wealth for thousands of years. The first aswan son is the Nubians, who speak to 30% of the population and speak their Nubian language, while the rest are Arabs who came after the Islamic attack and communicated in Arabic. We have done a complete blog about Nubian cities and culture. Go look at him. Aswan is a place renowned for its excellence and tricks, the symbol of the eastern center, described by the warm environment and uncommon botanical islands, in addition to the stone Nile islands around the city stretched from the high dam towards the north of Edfu, and a small number of residents of Nubian towns and islands rely on the cultivation of objects and crafted by hand as a sounding apartment for living and some of them previously occurred in administrative positions, and not only the main city of Aswan which has full administrations after in addition, the comprehensive islands provided by clinics, medical schools and transportation, Part of the islands are uninhabited on the grounds that they are seen as archaeological areas such as Crocodile Island and the huge island that was an area connecting south and north in exchange between Egypt and the rest of Africa. Aswan is also the main door of southern Egypt next to Luxor and a huge wise hot spot for the country

Aswan Attractions

Elephant Island

Elephant Island is blooming with palm tree plantations and villages descending from colourful mud-brick houses, the main tourist attraction in Aswan. At the southern end is the Aswan Museum and the Ruins of Abu, the ancient settlement of Aswan, which contains the temple of the ancient kingdom of Khonom and the Temple of Sat. The museum building, in a beautiful villa in the late 19th century, is partially open, with a collection of artifacts that span the history of elephant island to Roman times.On the east bridge near the rubble and down a journey of stairs is Aswan Nilumeter. The ancient Egyptians measured the rise and fall of the Nile with these stone wells, allowing them to estimate the annual flood peak and thus predict the success of their harvest.Once you've explored the ruins, head north to the island to wander the back streets of the villages of Kuti and Sio, where the houses are painted with vibrant colorful designs. Sheep and chickens graze pick-ups in narrow alleys, and farmers even graze their gardens as they have done for centuries. From the landing boat on the west side of the island in Sio, you can take a rowing boat to Kitchener Island. Now officially known as the Aswan Botanical Gardens (although no one actually calls it), this island was once the property of Lord Kitchener which turned it into a green garden of exotic plants from Asia and Africa.There are frequent local ferries from boat landings in downtown Aswan to elephant, or you can also hire felucca to sail you around the island.

Temple Elephant

The Holy Temple of Isis (more commonly known as the Temple of Philae) is one of the most deceptive monuments in Upper Egypt both for the exquisite the art of purity and wonderful symmetry of its architecture, This made it a favorite subject for Victorian painters. Like Abu Simbel, The temple was saved by the high water of the Lake Nasser It depends UNESCO Rescue Project and the Transfer of Stock Locks from Its Original Home On the island of Philae to nearby (top) Agilica Island Where sitting today. The Temple of Isis, a center of ancient worship of Isis, is the main part of complex elephants, but the island is also home to Hathour Temple, The Trajan Booth, And various other buildings of Roman and Byzantine periods. You can easily reach the temples by taxi from Aswan, although most people arrive here as part of a tour of Abu Simbel's day trip.

Unfinished Obelisk

Aswan Northern Quarry Is the home of the famous Unfinished obelisk - 41-meter-long stone piece and four-metre wide It may have been abandoned because of a crack in the rock. It is estimated that if completed, and the obelisk weighed 1,168 tons, and it would have the biggest hin ever. On the faces of the surrounding rocks, you can also see many Traces of the works of ancient stone. The blocks here could have been separate from the rocks by dull holes along the laid-out line, driving wedges In these, then soak the wedges with water to separate the mass.You can easily walk to the northern quarry area of Aswan Downtown area. It's just east. Fatimid Cemetery And Nubian Museum.

High Dam in Aswan

The High Dam in Aswan is the most praised structure project in Egypt today but is then questionable. The dam began in 1960 and took him 11 years, and president Nasser's pet project was his most notable achievement, and was accomplished through funding and specialized assistance from the Soviet Union. The high dam makes it astonished by the visions. Its structure took 42.7 billion cubic meters of stone (twice the size of the Cheops pyramid) with its absolute length being 3.6 kilometers. It is 980 meters thick at the base and 40 meters at the top. The natural limit of the dam depot (Lake Nasser) is 135 billion cubic meters with a maximum of 157 billion cubic meters. The dam carried incredible advantages for the nation, allowing the nation's supporting power and expanding the area of arable land in Egypt. However, it has similarly closed the Nile flood, which has prepared the fields of livestock breeders with rich waste stores, and the production of Lake Nasser (the world's largest fake lake) has cleared much of Upper Egypt's vast heritage as the waters rise. The highway stumbles from four lanes to the highest point in the dam where there is a triumphant curve and an inscription reminiscing the loyalty and cooperation between Egypt and the Soviet Union to fabricate it. Trips to the Aswan High Dam are regularly remembered for road trips to Abu Simbel, or you can without much of a taxi stretch ing recruitment to Up

St. Simeon Monastery 

Glorious photogenic monastery of St. Simon sits among Sand dunes on the West Bank of the Nile. It was founded in the seventh century and finally abandoned in the 13th century due to lack of water, it's one of the largest The best preserved Coptic monasteries in Egypt.Inside the monastery courtyard, a passageway Cathedral Takes Up to the south side of the monastery. At the eastern end of a wide plate, once covered by two domes, is a large palate, with three rectangular outlets under Semi-domes. In the central place are the remains of a mural depicting Christ. dragged among the angels.To the north and west of the church is a different branch small buildings and caves, while the east side consists of living Quarters. Upstairs, some more well-preserved vaulted barrels are living quarters, including monk cells, with a brick, Coptic and Arabic bed Inscriptions on the walls.standing on the walls of the fortified monastery, overlooking the undulating sand dunes, and gives some sense of solitude to the monks who lived here You must face. Today, you can rent a boat or felucca to take you to Abbey boat landing then either hiking or camel ride (30 minutes) in the sand to get here.


This gathering of sanctuaries was completely saved from the end of the water through the UNESCO Rescue Project and now sit on the shores of Lake Nasser. The Temple of Klapsha is the best protection of the three sanctuaries here and moreover the most youthful, dating back to the time of the Roman Emperor Augustus. The most impressive landmark in Nubia was after the Temple of Abu Simbel, and is based on the site of a former sanctuary established by Amenhotep II and re-established during the Ptolemaic dynasty. The refore, the united nations must be able to ensure that the united nations is able to continue to work together to ensure that the united nations is able to continue to work together to ensure that the united nations During the Byzantine period, the sanctuary was changed to a community. Just to the northwest is the Temple of The House of the Wali ("The House of the Holy Man") which is operated by Ramses II and consists of a vestibule, across the room, and asylum. There are authentic inscriptions at home depicting large numbers of Ramses II battles and victory, including the ruler's victory over the Kuchit and his battles with Syrians and Libyans. The small Temple of Kirtasi is located to the north, with two sections of Hathor at the corridor and four different parts with the expansion of the botanical capitals. Taxis can be recruited to Klapsha easily in Aswan, and It is best joined to a trip here with a visit to Philae.

Souk area 

Slap in the middle of the neighborhood of downtown Aswan, the law of the market It's a souvenir hunter's dream. stalls with spice rims and ample perfumes, Traditional Gilpias Long. robes) and scarves in rainbow, basketry, and silverware colors. It's a fun place. to browse and -- for the most part -- hustle-free seller that you get in Other parts of EgyptLook Especially for Nubian jewelry and needle, which displays A culture is distinctly different from the people of Upper Egypt. And if you've become Addicted to a local refreshing Karkaday Drink Keep your eyes peeled for buckets of dark red dried Karkaday Hibiscus. Petals that you can buy by weight to bring back the drink back home.

       Things to do in Aswan at sun's                    

Veluka Tours: In Aswan is all about riding the Fluka around the islands, and in the early evening It is the best time to take to the river if you want photography.

Camel ride: For Something more active, the best time to ride camels is at the end day, when the worst ended of the heat. Ride the sunset beauty on West Bank from the Tombs of the Nobles to the Monastery of St. Simon (or vice versa) is very popular

Bali is Unique – Bali is Unmatched Bali is a paradise

February 20, 2021


                                            Bali is Unique – Bali is  Unmatched  

?is Bali a heaven

Indeed, heaven implies various things to various individuals, yet, the term heaven frequently gets referenced along with Bali. With assurance we can say, there could be no other spot like Bali in this world .A enchanted mix of culture, individuals, nature, exercises, climate, culinary pleasures, nightlife, and wonderful convenience. Bali is evaluated as a standout amongst other travel objections on the planet.


Pamper your Body, Mind & Soul in Bali

 Bali is in fact world acclaimed for its spas, health sanctuaries, rub places, yoga schools, tattoo studios, and wellness scene. Also, in the event that you wish to plunge into an otherworldly reality where arrangement, prosperity, agreement and otherworldliness are substantial encounters, at that point you went to the opportune spot 


Since resilience is part if Bali's center DNA, Bali considers a horde of various encounters to be offered by individuals from all around the planet. Sicne many years Bali has been known as where individuals find what they are searching for and where change and positive change can occur 


On the off chance that you wish to get better, more joyful, and to get yourself if your are lost, Bali is your place without a doubt

?When is the best time to travel and come to Bali

Bali Weather & Seasons

Bali Climate Facts

Bali is located about 8 degrees south of the equator. Therefore you can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year round – with two main distinctive seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season.

Bali’s central mountains (volcanoes) include several peaks, with mount Agung reaching over 3000 meters in elevation. Up there, the temperatures are considerably cooler, and there is much more rainfall than in the coastal areas.

High season is during July and August, during Easter Holidays, and Christmas/New Year (December till first seven day stretch of January). It is the busiest time in Bali.


Notwithstanding, for some reasons, the best an ideal opportunity to come to Bali is April, May, June and September, not long previously and soon after high season. It's actually dry season, it's somewhat less damp, and room costs and manor rentals can be 30-half less expensive than during high season. Numerous shops offer deals and advancements, cafés are less packed in those mid-season months, and when all is said in done, Bali is a smidgen more loose. October isn't really awful either, still substantially less downpour than November (as a rule, check the precipitation graph).

Those months are likewise the best an ideal opportunity for water sport exercises, for example, scuba plunging, surfing, swimming, and so on Waters are clear, swarm not all that terrible and so forth Significant exercises and attractions like Bali Zoo, Bali Bird Park, Marine and Safari Park, Waterbom, White Water Rafting, Monkey Forest, and so on have less guests which make the experience more agreeable.


In the event that you wish to investigate the island and visit the principle touring spots, sanctuaries and go for a roadtrip and visit, at that point those months are additionally awesome. What's more, not to fail to remember, by and large, the traffic and hustle clamor on the streets in the primary traveler regions is more endurable. A few vacationers love it when it's occupied, and couldn't envision an occasion in any case, yet on the off chance that you like it calmer, Kuta and Legian, Seminyak during high season probably won't be the most ideal decision

Pre-Corona Visa and Immigration Regulations for Bali and Indonesia

Following are the visa regulations that were in place BEFORE the corona outbreak. It’s fair to assume that the government of Indonesia will gradually return to this rather liberal approach to allow foreigners to visit Indonesia. Visitors from more than 160 countries could come to Bali without any Visa needed, if they stay less than 30 days (Free Visa Entry Stamp or Visa Exemption). If you wished to stay longer or have a passport from other than those countries, visa regulations would apply.

The Core Foundation of Bali and the Balinese

The Balinese culture and Hinduism influences pretty much every part of life on the island. The interesting blend between sacrosanct Hindu-Dharma and refined neighborhood customs has made Bali however extraordinary as it could be today. Craftsmanship works of art can undoubtedly be found in each side of Bali. Bali's way of life is as yet felt all over; from exhibition halls to lodging anterooms, to consecrated sanctuaries. The Balinese honor their predecessors and the soul world and perform strict customs dependent on the old Balinese schedule. Individuals wearing their stately clothing types is a typical sight.


The wonderful melodic exhibitions and customary dance shows have likewise gotten one of the must-dos in Bali – for generally excellent reasons. Altogether the services held during unique days in Bali, Gamelan (Bali's customary music) and nearby moves will be perhaps the main component to get associated with Gods, gods, and precursors as an approach to respect their part in the universe

Bali is paradise for shoppers

The beautiful traditional culture of the island and its focus on aesthetics mean that locally produced handicrafts, textiles, and art are everywhere. As Bali is a thriving tourist center, products from around Indonesia and Asia can easily be found at low prices, while decades of cosmopolitan visitors have contributed to a thriving fashion scene. The cost of living is low, and so are prices, allowing the smart traveler to enjoy the best of all worlds without breaking the bank. Traditional shops and markets offer flexible prices, making the best deals possible for those with bargaining skills, while most stores offer fixed prices that are so low that bargaining is unnecessary.

Affordable Prices

The cost of living is low, and so are prices, allowing the smart traveler to enjoy the best of all worlds without breaking the bank. Traditional shops and markets offer flexible prices, making the best deals possible for those with bargaining skills, while most stores offer fixed prices that are so low that bargaining is unnecessary.

Bali is Famous for

A lot of things…beside the LOW PRICES
Even the most exclusive high end products will be considerably cheaper than what you would pay anywhere else, and particularly in Europe, Australia, Korea, Japan.

Silver work, handicraft, art work and paintings, fashion & clothes, furniture and deco items, natural soaps and essences, coffee, cloth….you name it.


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