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Hot Air balloon Trip in Luxor 2021                        

A surprising sense will be impressed and you are flying over height increases on the thousands of foot in the sky wh the sunshine is touched by the sunrise time, and you are watching the Pharaonic temples found on the two banks for thousands of years. It is the feeling that you will be if you have a balloonThe Luxor City is a global tourist destination for lovers and lovers of flying flights. What distinguishes the rest of the countries is that balloon flights are not dependent on the year, which is listed daily on the city's tourism agenda. "These tourism flights have been started since 1980 and is under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation, which oversees the training of pilots who are accompanying tourists instead of Egyptian airports."Balloon flights depend on meteorological results, followed by balloon companies, which collect reports from the Meteorological Commission. And arrives daily flights for Sixteen flying balloon flying in the sky city with sunrise every day, carrying on board 320 tourists

Flight preparation flight duration

The journey inside the balloon takes about 45 minutes, while it takes full flight time since the moment of the shot of the hotel, and even access to the four hours, and should be aware that you will continue to stand throughout the lights of the balloon in the air. On a slippery or sand. Do not deal with coffee or tea so you do not have to enter a frequent need to be hindered. Be sure to bring a metal water bottle, and do not get you a big bag but a light backpack and the court of closure, and must make sure your camera does not need to ship, so do not miss the photos and record the video flight, prefer to bring «Sylvie Steak» Pharaohs temples. Do not forget to bring the solar glasses because they will be good companion after sunrise. This trip is not suitable for young or even children from 6 to 15 years because they will quickly simplify from the trip and may not be controlled, which affects your enjoyment. You do not prefer to take older people above 55 years because the trip requires fitness when landing.

The start of the joutney

The journey starts from your stay where your tour guide comes from the hotel by a small tourist bus or a small boat if you are in a floating hotel or in the eastern hotel, which is moving to the western city of the city. From 4:00 am, so you can catch up with sunrise time, and all the plane balloons fall on the ground at seven am.There are a number of companies that regulate the runners that you can arrange by a trip directly. They are subject to strict security systems, and the first stages of the journey of shielding flew are looking for an appropriate launch site, and then fill the balloon cover with a large fan For air cooling within the internal cover of the aircraft, so that the aircust is available to independently, and then ignite a burning gas burner at the bottom of the air. .With the ignition of the fire, your heart will be accelerated for those exciting adventure, having climbed to the basket across a small wooden ladder, stayed in the voice of fire that works on heating the balloon air, alpallon is subject to European safety standards.
With the gradual height of the balloon will feel lightly your body and fun fly as a vacuum in the skies of Luxor, and if you are the owners of weak hearts, try not to look down directly, but proud of your look and usually get worn after minutes, and you can chew the gum to relieve tension. The balloon is gradually flying to a height of 500 meters (1500 feet) almost, and here is complete fun

Trip types and costs

Before you book your trip, you have to know that there are types of flying balloon flights vary by purpose. For example, for privacy lovers or for those who wish to celebrate marriage holidays or family events, a cost of about $ 70 per capita can be booked, and that flight from 6 people until 12 people. It includes a small ceremony when landing organized by the organized company for the trip to surprise your partner. There are widespread flights for about 16 people. The large collective flights can ride the 20-member flight, which cost about $ 1,700, and 22,200 molars

Landing moments

The excitement does not cease throughout the trip and culminates in the moments of landing and returning to the ground, those moments when the balloon commander alerts you to the necessity to cling to the closest rope to you, and sit inside the basket until the landing is done peacefully as the flames that help to heat the air inside the balloon will be extinguished so that the air gradually gets heavier and the balloon descends on the earth. And upon completion of your flight, the landing system in that flying balloon relies on an airbag that is opened and withdrawn during flight, which enables it to land anywhere.As soon as the basket touches the surface of the ground, the passengers congratulate each other, so the balloon workers come to collect it, and if you want to share it, they welcome it completely, and it is an enjoyable experience, usually followed by a celebration and eating breakfast, juices and drinks. Then you can go to the leader of the balloon, where you will get a certificate that you have taken the flying balloon flight, and congratulations for you because at that time you will be of brave hearts who love exciting adventures

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